STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set

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The Stiga Performance 4-Player Set provides the opportunity for the ultimate table tennis experience. Instantly, a dull day transforms into an awesome tournament with this set of four custom rackets and six table tennis balls. The rackets feature rubber inverted surfaces with 1.0 mm sponge, 5-ply blades, and a concave handle style. This set also includes three white 40mm Three Star balls and three orange 40mm Three Star balls to get things going at a high level. About STIGA America STIGA America is an industry benchmark against which all table-tennis equipment are measured. For over 70 years, STIGA has been improving their products to meet or exceed industry standards until their equipment became the best and most trusted in the world. Not many sports equipment companies can boast the support of a multitude of multinational professional players, but STIGA finds support from world-renowned players from China, Sweden, Belgium, and Germany. These players not only support STIGA, but provide valuable input and hands-on testing to make sure STIGA’s paddles and other products are the best possible. Recently, STIGA has expanded beyond providing equipment to consumers and has spearheaded a franchise of table-tennis social clubs known as SPiN Galactic in New York City, Los Angeles, Dubai, and other worldwide locales. Made by Stiga . 4 custom rackets with concave handle style. Rubber inverted with 1.0mm sponge . 5-ply blade. Includes 3 white 40mm Three Star balls and 3 orange 40mm Three Star balls .Four Performance Rackets and Six 3-Star Balls (3 White/3 Orange)
USA Table Tennis (USATT) Approved
Racket Rubber is Inverted for Increased Ball Control and Added Spin
3-Star Balls Meet ITTF Regulations for Tournament Play
90-day Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

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